Pulling my hair out over details....

Photo by Christina Barreraz

Just about every bride hits a moment where nothing looks right, the colors are all wrong, the style of cake becomes a 5 tier nightmare and your stuck in a world of tulle verse satin. Details can be completely overwhelming on all levels. Friends and family grow tired of hearing about the 6 shades of pink that are completely different to you but all the same to them. It's a brides dream to have the perfect wedding. I don't care if your throwing a wedding with a guest list of 20 or 200. The fact is it's your day. If your anything like me you searched the web for every photo of red shoes you could find and nothing seemed quite right.

...(Insert Big Sigh)....Take a deep breathe and back away from your pile of Modern Bride magaizines and log off your computer. I know it's hard but you can do it.

When I put this wedding together Lisa became my Mom, Sister, Wedding Planner and Friend. She took my endless amount of emails, phone calls and drama. She was the boat that carried me to the shore, when I thought I couldn't handle one more wedding choice. Sometimes, a wedding planner is simply there to calm you down and set you back on track. She is there to look at your five shades of pink, give you tips on tulle, find you just the right cake, decode your endless emails on the type of location of your dreams, and simply take your calls on all the drama of planning a wedding. She is a professional mind reader, during one the most important times in your life. Best of all she is more than happy to be there for you!

Here is a Toast (raise engagement ring) to all the wedding planners, who just simply understand the mind of a bride, fried on wedding choices.

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