Petals for a Lifetime! I Do.

Today I received the most interesting email from a bride who loved most details of my wedding.  I was so flattered to read that she wanted my advice on vendors.  She is having her wedding in Puerto Rico next spring and felt excited when she was reviewing my photos.  Her dilemma is she is vacationing on a cruise ship that departs from Florida and docks in PR where she will hop off for her wedding, due to cruise ship regulations she isn't allowed to bring her flowers back on.  She wanted to know if I knew of a florist who works with silk flowers.  Awhile ago, I had planned on using silk flowers because I love the idea of keeping your bouquet.  Just look at what I found for her!  How great are these!  They are not only tre chic but keepsakes!


All of these can be custom made, contact the vendor's with your ideas.

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