Unique Guest Book ~ Seashells

Photo courtesy of Damon Tucci

I came across this idea in Destination Wedding Magazine and I absolutely LOVE it!  A beautiful couple by the name of Hope Hollkamp and Jacob Theisen were featured in the Jan/Feb issue of of Destination Wedding Magazine due their amazing destination wedding in Duck Key, Florida. Each guest was asked to sign a congratulatory message on a seashell as they walked into the ceremony. The seashells were then incorporated into the sand ceremony when the couple poured their sand over the shells.  What a great memento to have. Check out their photographers Damon Tucci's blog to see more wedding eye candy... SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Fontana Bridal ~ The Go-To Bridal Salon For The Perfect Destination Wedding Dress

If you are bride who lives in the Tri-State/Westchester area and are searching for that perfect destination wedding dress... look no further. 

When you’re ready to select your wedding attire, look to the professionals at Fontana Couture. At Fontana, you’ll find the largest collection of designer fashions for the bride, the mother of the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls.  Their bridal consultants will assist in choosing the perfect wedding gown for you and your bridal party.  The custom fitting of your dress will be supervised by their own expertly-trained, European seamstresses. Fontana will provide you with professional excellence, quality and service to make your wedding day a memorable experience.  

Dear Fontana Bride:

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Our family-owned store in Scarsdale, New York is here to find the perfect gown for you. We’ve been doing that since 1945.

At Fontana, we believe that the day you choose your wedding gown should be as memorable as the day you wear it. Come join brides from all over the world who come to Fontana for the ultimate buying experience. Our bridal consultants, Fitters, European seamstresses, beaders, and pressers are with you every step of the way.

As owners, we promise you personalized customer service, designer wedding gowns form all over the world. And a dedicated team to make your experience a special one. Feel free to stop by and talk with us. We’re here to serve you, our customers.

Fontana Bridal is always on the cutting edge of what's new to the wedding industry. They have in store events on a regular basis which is a great way to experience the salon, staff and get a up close and personal look at the newest designs in wedding gowns.

Make an appointment today mention Puerto Rico Wedding Planner and receive 10% when you order the wedding dress of you dreams.

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A Bride's Best Friend ~ My Wedding Workbook

Today's brides are more inclined to hire wedding planners who are value-driven, more willing to collaborate and who provide day-of-wedding packages, according to a survey conducted by My Wedding Workbook Pro - the wedding planning software for bridal consultants.

When brides were asked about the top factors they would consider when hiring a wedding planner, 71.9% named cost as the leading factor. In addition, of the respondents who did not hire a consultant, 74.7% stated that they decided against hiring a planner because it was simply "too expensive."

"Most newly engaged brides assume that hiring a wedding planner will dramatically drive up the price of their wedding," said Jeff Kear, co-owner of  My Wedding Workbook Pro and My Wedding Workbook the online wedding planner software for brides. "But consultants can actually reduce vendor costs in lots of ways and make sure couples get what they pay for. So consultants who can demonstrate the value they deliver - especially during a recession - can really put themselves at an advantage."

The current recession also has influenced what types of services brides want from consultants, with more than 90% of brides responding that they would only consider hiring a planner for day-of-wedding services. Another big expectation that brides have of planners is the ability to negotiate very favorable rates with vendors, with 55.6% of respondents listing this as a critical attribute.

Once you get beyond concerns of cost, what brides really want from their wedding planner is great personal chemistry and a collaborative relationship. Indeed, 56.9% of brides listed this as a top factor in choosing a consultant, and another 32.3% want a partner who can help relieve the stress of managing every detail.

"What we discovered is that a bride doesn't necessarily want someone who just comes in and takes over," said Kear. "She wants a partner who will listen to her, work with her and share her vision. She wants someone who will give her great advice and who will assume the responsibilities that she doesn't have the time or desire to shoulder. Any consultant who brings this kind of flexibility and sensitivity to the table is positioned for success."

However, there are still many brides who, regardless of the cost of hiring a planner, would prefer planning their wedding themselves. Of the brides surveyed, 44% listed themselves as being a "do-it-yourself type person," 33.1% did not anticipate needing much help and 25.2% said they were not comfortable handing over wedding planning responsibilities.

"When you get right down to it, hiring a wedding consultant is a very personal decision. Some brides have looked forward to planning their wedding for so long that for them it would be unconscionable to ask someone else to do it," said Kear. "Others place their main priority on getting married but would rather leave all the details up to someone else. And then there's a ton of brides who are somewhere in between. The wedding consultants who can serve all those in-betweeners are the ones who will have very busy practices."

For additional interesting data on brides’ attitudes and opinions, visit their blog at My Wedding Workbook Pro blog.

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Lancome Juicy Tubes Turn 10

As a former professional makeup artist one of my favorite gloss' is Lancome's Juicy Tubes. They are by far the most convenient, non sticky, no taste, long wearing gloss I have ever used. The color choices are endless and range from neutrals to strawberry red.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary Lancome's Juicy Tubes has had a package makeover and reformulation. These tubes are part of the new "Natural Origins" collection and it means the contents come from all natural sources including their pigmentation's - ingredients include honey, rose and apricot.

Below are all the colors to choose from @ $18 each after March 15th;
120 Pop Art Hazelnut
121 Happy Honey (my favorite)
122 Rose Blossom
123 Dot Apricot
124 Crazy Raspberry
125 Swing Pink

They make a great bridal party gift! Who wouldn't love an assortment of fab gloss' :)

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Best Wedding Site Boutique

Looking for one-stop-shopping for all your wedding treasures... look no further Best Wedding Sites has it all...

Their rhinestone bridal collection includes "design your own" wedding tshirts, bridal lingerie, wedding sandals, hoodies, pants, and tote bags.

They also carry unique wedding favors, floral boxes and bags, wedding gifts, keepsake wedding ornaments, plus a delectable collection of gourmet personalized cookie favors.

Join their mailing list and receive an instant 5% coupon.

Happy Shopping!

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Paloma's Nest - Wedding Heirlooms

Every Paloma's Nest piece is individually made with care, pride and passion of the highest quality materials.  By adding names, dates and customer inscriptions to the piece, it is ensured your Ring Bearer Bowl or other Modern Heirloom will be cherished for years and generations to come.

Check out Paloma's Nest for the Ring Bearer Bowl and oh so many other beautiful pieces.  And if you order between now and March 1st you get FREE shipping.  

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eco runners ~ wonderful for your wedding and the environment

When your planning an environmentally-friendly or “green” wedding, why stop at the aisle runner? Often times you’ve been told it’s best to ditch the aisle runner because it’s not good for the environment. Well, not anymore! Customized Wedding Creations has launched the first-ever collection of environmentally friendly aisle runners. eco-runners™ are completely customizable using all-natural products and organic paints. Made from melted down plastic bottles, this aisle runner is 100% recycled polyester and is painted with water-based paints free from chemicals and solvents. No harmful dyes or chemicals here. The best part, you’d never know this aisle runner is recycled fabric. It looks and feels just like our other aisle runners!

Hand-painted eco-runners™ are available in white, black, royal, burgundy, hunter green, and red.
Eco-runners™ are available in two widths, 36″ and 45″.
Eco-runners™ include up to two eco-friendly paint colors.
Satin pull cord included with eco-runners™.
All logo designs will be placed on a 2′ x 3′ section of ec0-runners™.
Proofs included with your eco-runners™ purchase.
Visit our Details Page to view our color charts and logo design choices.
25' 50' 75' 100'
Eco-Friendly Aisle Runner with Essential Logo $175 $250 $325 $400
Eco-Friendly Aisle Runner with Traditional Logo $200 $275 $350 $425
Eco-Friendly Aisle Runner with Seasonal Logo $225 $300 $375 $450
Eco-Friendly Aisle Runner with Decorative Logo $250 $325 $400 $475

For black, royal, burgundy, hunter green, and red aisle runners, add $25 for Essential & Traditional Logos and $50 for Decorative & Seasonal Logos.

For 45″ wide aisle runners, add $40.

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See Puerto Rico ~ Through the Eyes of Photographer Elliott Erwitts

50 years ago, Elliott Erwitt came to Puerto Rico to photograph the islands and the people who live there.  Since then, Elliott went on to become one of the world's most celebrated photographers of contemporary life.  Now Elliott Erwitt has gone back to Puerto Rico.  To see what has changed and what has stayed the same.  


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Vintage Postcard Save the Dates

Hi readers,

Sorry for the delay in blogging! I promise I will be blogging a lot more frequently! My business is growing by leaps and bounds and finding the time to blog is getting less frequent :(  But I am making a commitment to update at least once a week.  And for my first February blog check this out!

My new clients Zury & Daniel will be married June of 2010 at El Convento (one of my favorite hotels) in Old San Juan.  The wedding promises to be simple and traditional with an Old World feel... this happens to be my favorite theme!  Above is a sneak peek at their Save the Dates a vintage Puerto Rico post cards.  You can find that and many more options at Zazzle. Thanks for the tip Zury!  They are perfect!

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