Why Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is the perfect site for your destination wedding... why?

  • If you are a US citizen - no passport or visa required
  • Airfare rates are very reasonable - especially if you plan ahead
  • Wide variety of choices for your wedding location - barefoot on the beach, along a mountain side, in a lush rain-forest, by a gorgeous lake, at a bed & breakfast, trendy boutique hotel, 5 star hotel, country club or a 5 star resort
  • The weather is perfect all year round, and especially during our "winter" Dec-Feb - average temp- 80's, cool & breezy, no humidity
  • Unique places to visit - the only rain-forest north of the equator El Yunque where you can experience; waterfalls, hiking trails, amazing views and unbelievable wildlife
  • One of the few places in the world to have not 1 but 3 locations where you can experience the amazing bioluminescent water bays - Lares, Fajardo & Vieques
  • Small islands right off of Puerto Rico that are simply spectacular for example - Vieques has wild roaming horses, bioluminescent water bays and some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean; Culebra came in at #2 on the Discovery Channels top 10 beaches in the world; the water is crystal clear, snorkeling is like looking in a fish tank, the sand is like your walking in powder and the island people are warm and inviting; Paloma, Palomita & Icacos are smaller islands with no inhabitants but wonderful unique places to visit for the day; have a seaside lunch, snorkel and relax & enjoy
  • Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; Flamenco Beach, Luquillo Beach & Boqueron just to name a few
  • Surfers come from all over the world to experience some of the best surfing in the world at Rincon Beach on the west coast of the island - national surfing competitions are held here during the "winter" months
  • Whale watching from Jan-March - The Humpback whale migrates north west of the island to have their calves in the warm waters and to give us a show unlike anything you have ever seen
  • Snorkeling - some of the best snorkeling in all of the Caribbean - you will certainly spot one or all of the following; leather back turtles, sand sharks, reef sharks, barracudas, all species of tropical fish, dolphins, manatees & whales
  • Weekly street fairs - offering, music, authentic cuisine, games, rides & evening attractions
  • More then 28 golf courses (largest amount in all of the Caribbean) numerous are award winning for example - Chi Chi Rodriguez', Reese Jones' & Gary Player's
  • The largest tennis resort in all of the Caribbean-Palmas del Mar Tennis Resort
  • The nightlife is spectacular - casinos, nightclubs featuring -pop, salsa, reggaeton, jazz and/or folkloric and Broadway-like theatrical extravaganzas
  • Music is heard everywhere making you dance wherever you go - whether you are in a local store or at a fancy restaurant
  • The food choices are overwhelming - from fast food to authentic Puerto Rican cuisine to dinner at the finest 5 star restaurants - the food is fresh, delicious and very reasonably priced
  • The first language is Spanish but nearly everyone speaks English either fluently or enough to communicate easily
  • The people of Puerto Rico are a warm, inviting, family oriented culture. They love to share their island with tourist and will make you feel as if you belong
  • There is no other place more romantic then Puerto Rico - the sound of the waves crashing, experiencing the calming sound of the palm trees rustling in the wind, the amazing number of stars you can see at night, the rainbows you experience just about everyday, the gorgeous foliage and flowers, the sound of the coqui (small frog) is like a sweet lullaby putting you to sleep every night and the wildlife for example; wild parrots & cockatoos who will visit you as you drink your morning coffee on your terrace and wait for you to share a morning snack...
Now wouldn't you want your special day to be experienced
on this enchanted island...
Puerto Rico... La Isla Del Encanto!

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Destination Wedding Checklist

Six Months to a Year
___ Decide on a wedding budget
___ Find your wedding style
___ Announce your engagement
___ Choose a wedding date
___ Choose a wedding location
___ Research the location, including using online resources, renting books from the library, purchasing books, talking to the local tourist bureau, and talking to friends and family who have been there. Ask resorts for "package deal information", special honeymoon/destination wedding offers, and other informative literature.
___ Look into marriage license requirements, and confirm them with the local tourist board
___ Find a local wedding coordinator – resorts often have someone on staff or you may be able to find someone through the tourist bureau.
___ Put together a wedding guest list
___ Send "Save the Date" cards
___ Follow up with guests by phone to get a general head count
___ If you want a traditional wedding dress, find it now
___ Start considering the groom's attire
___ Start considering the wedding party's attire
___ Obtain necessary legal documents, including, if necessary, passports, divorce certificates, visas, identification, birth certificates, notarized declarations of never having been married.
___ Consider your Bridal Beauty

4 to 6 Months
___ Work with your wedding coordinator to find a wedding florist, musicians, wedding photographer and wedding officiant. You may also want to find a hairstylist, makeup artist, and/or nail salon.
___ Decide on your wedding menu
___ Finalize wedding ceremony and reception details, arrange for signed contracts to be sent to you.
___ Order wedding invitations
___ Register for wedding gifts
___ Buy wedding rings. Consider having your wedding rings engraved.
___ Buy your plane tickets
___ Negotiate discounts with airlines and hotels
___ Create and distribute a wedding website or newsletter to share travel and wedding information
___ Finalize the groom's attire
___ Write and order your wedding invitations

2 to 4 Months
___ Mail your wedding invitations
___ Begin choosing or writing your wedding vows
___ Shop for shoes and other accessories
___ Make sure all of the wedding party and other essential people have made their travel arrangements
___ Finalize the bridal party attire

1 to 2 Months
___ Order wedding favors and gifts
___ Have your final dress fitting
___ Shop for vacation wear, including swimsuit(s), a rehearsal dinner outfit, sun protection

2 Weeks Before
___ Confirm all details with hotel, chef or caterer, florist, photographer, officiant, musicians and/or DJ, and others involved in the wedding
___ Arrange guest seating, if necessary
___ Assemble favors and/or welcome bags

Upon Arrival
___ Apply for a marriage license
___ Meet with your wedding coordinator
___ Meet with your officiant
___ Visit the ceremony site
___ Distribute welcome bags to guests' rooms
___ Go over last minute details
___ Relax!
___ Do your best to relax, enjoy yourselves, focus on each other, and have fun with your friends and family.

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Your Bouquet

Getting married in a tropical setting opens up styling possibilities traditional weddings perhaps are not suited for. Creating great imagery begins by incorporating items and colors from your surroundings. Seashells, starfish and/or colorful arrangements may be an obvious choice as embellishments but if done correctly can be quite beautiful. The following bouquets exemplify how using themed items can add elegance and a little whimsy.

Constructed using real shells with natural
pink shell flowers. For the more avante-garde
brides, a simple ribbon wrapping minus all the
frill and a shorter handle would minimalize
the look.
Designed by SeaSide Weddings by Sherry

This basket is made from bamboo moving away
from traditional wicker baskets. This
is a great way to incorporate themed
materials in a fresh way.

Instead of ribbon, the stems have been
covered with raffia.

has the power to soothe and to excite. It's ability to awaken different emotions makes it a vital component to all design. A bright bouquet can lift spirits and add pop to the overall look. While a softer hued arrangement evokes calmness representing a quiet elegance. There is no right or wrong when choosing vivid over neutral or vise versa. It's up to you and what you are most attracted to. Don't be afraid to follow your heart.

Being in the tropics allows for a wider variety of colorful flora native to the region that are the usual budget busters inside the United States. Take advantage of your location and utilize the local foliage in your bouquet. The following are examples of how color and different combinations of them can be very effective in expressing your personality:

These colors are opposite each other on the
color wheel so when paired together
exude great energy.

Combining warm and cool colors in the same tones
lowers the energy level a bit but is still a strong
contrast against a white wedding dress or gown.

Keeping the pallet within the same color
family evokes calmness and a quiet elegance.

Does size matter? Not at all. The smallest of handhelds can pack just as much of a punch as bigger bouquets. It really depends on what you like. You may decide on one or two or even three gorgeous exotic flowers bundled together. This arrangement paired with a simple dress and loosely swept hair is very chic and noone has to know how much you saved by taking this route. On the other hand, big or longer bouquets can be quite beautiful as well. Just try not to be too fussy about how they are arranged. Wrapping the stems in raffia or forgoing the big satin bows can bring the look more inline with the tropical backdrop.

Small in size but big in style

The length can overpower
but it's simple lines allow for
the bride to take center stage

The important thing to remember is less is more. A touch of whimsy here and there is charming but be careful not to overdo it. Too much of anything becomes a distraction and will compete for attention with it's surroundings instead of complimenting them. Find pictures you love. If you find it challenging to decide, compile your data and talk to your wedding planner and/or florist. They will help guide your vision so it's cohesive with the rest of your wedding decor.

This is a fun process so don't get overwhelmed. Let your heart lead the way.

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