Mellow Yellow For A Beautiful Bride & Her Fellow

Yellow is hot this wedding season for the obvious reason... it is a happy happy color! And what a great choice for a destination wedding where the sun is as bright a yellow as you can possibly imagine.

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Charles & Rena from Minnisota
San Juan Water Club
Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

To see the entire set click on the Charles & Rena 
link on the sidebar and view the slideshow. ENJOY!!!

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

A Puerto Rico Destination Wedding is the perfect solution for many brides wanting an affordable wedding and picture perfect backdrop, it is not always the best solution for a bride wanting to gift her guests with heavy or bulky favors since everything must be carted down on the plane. 

The trend of plantable favors started a few years ago but most were seedlings of trees not allowed to cross foreign borders or crafted in the shape of wildflowers or butterflies, lacking a beach wedding connection. A wonderful little company, Swallow Tail Farms has filled the gap and created plantable favors with a beach theme available in sets of 25 for $19.95. These favors rock because they weigh almost nothing and will fit in any suitcase, no matter how small.

Great find from your destination wedding planner,

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Shell Oil Lamp Centerpieces

I love these large seashells, professionally cleaned and crafted into oil lamps. They would be the perfect addition to any destination wedding deco. They are a great alternative to traditional candles and from a practical perspective, they might do a better job of staying lit in the ocean breeze. Also nice is they can be a lasting investment, not one-time expense as is the case with most wedding decor.

Take a look at these and many other unique decorative shell ideas at Conch King.

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Posh Girl Vintage - Unique Vintage Dresses

Posh Girl Vintage has to be one of the most inspiring sites for a bride. These silhouettes are incredibly feminine and glorify the female form to its best. Any of these dresses would be ideal for an intimate destination wedding. Did you know there were about as many informal as formal weddings back in the days of Ike, early rock and Marilyn? 

If you want something unique, classic, feminine and oh so lovely... browse the site. Posh Girl Vintage also has a wonderful selection of maid of honor & bridesmaids dresses. 

Your wedding pictures will be reminiscent of another era 40's, 50's, 60's... while still looking fresh and modern!

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The Bride - Gift Set by Philisophy @ Sephora

Great gift idea for the bride to be having a destination wedding or buy it for yourself...

The Bride 
What it is: A set of Hope, Purity, and Grace essentials for the bride-to-be.

What it does:
Every bride deserves to feel as beautiful as she is. This lovely hat box full of Philosophy's best-selling Hope, Purity, and Grace products will inspire her heart and soul and allow her to feel truly beautiful.

What else you need to know:
This deluxe gift set includes a 1 oz Hope in a Jar, a 2 oz Purity Made Simple, a 2 oz Amazing Grace 3-in-1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, a 2 oz Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion, and a 1 oz Amazing Grace Hand Cream, all in a chic hat box. It's the perfect gift for the bride-to-be.

You can find it @ Sephora

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Yummie Tummie

Great body shaper for under your wedding or bridesmaids dress...

Your Yummie Tummie is meant to be seen while secretly slimming your mid-section and camouflaging visible lumps and bumps!

Unlike most shapers that compress your bust and roll up, the Yummie Tummies’ cotton bust and hip panels appear to the outsider as a normal tank top; meanwhile the secret midsection panel is smoothing and shaping your middle, eliminating approximately five pounds off your appearance. Imagine that 5 lbs thinner on your wedding day!!!

They come in various styles and colors... happy Yummie Tummie shopping!

Your wedding planner who looks 5lbs slimmer today ;)

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TOMS... Shoes For A Better Tomorrow

If you are shopping for your destination wedding wardrobe... you must pick up a pair of Toms Shoes! They are comfy, adorable, easy to pack and look great with everything from a pair of shorts to a little dress. Check out their styles and remember that when you buy yourself a pair you are also buying a pair for a child in need... 
AWESOME!!! Shopping with a cause!!!

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Off The Rack Wedding Dresses From Nordstrom?!

Wedding dress shopping has gotten (in my humble opinion) increasingly out of hand in recent years with dresses costing upwards of $5K ......everything below is kind of not so cute and a little on the cheesy side (generally speaking).....but look at these fantastic options from Nordstrom, all available for $500 or less and with these economic hard time this find is invaluable! And at these prices you can have a few costume changes ; )

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Tiny German Lovebirds Elope to Africa...

Considering the impulsiveness of their decision, it was to be a beautiful wedding. A German "couple" packed bathing suits and sunglasses, then headed to Africa to get married "where it is warm." The nuptials were interrupted when the lovebirds were stopped at the train station and promptly returned to their parents.

Why? Because they were eloping at least 15 years too soon.

Mika and Anna-Lena, ages 5 and 6, are "very much in love," and decided during a joint family holiday celebration that they wanted to seal the deal. So they grabbed Anna-Lena's seven-year-old sister (an official witness), packed their bags, then jumped on a tram.

Had it not been for those pesky necessities like money and tickets, they may have gotten even farther. But the police at the train station got suspicious and brought them in.

Can you even imagine? Once the shock wears off, their parents are going to be re-telling that story for years to come. When my godson was born just a month before my daughter, my friend and I joked that we should just start planning the wedding now. But even if these families saw puppy love developing between these intrepid tots, I'm sure they figured they had at least a few years before the kids made it official!

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Jewelry box need an upgrade? The Royal Asscher Diamond Company is giving away 75 of these pave pendants. Special enough to accessorize a wedding gown, sufficiently tailored for everyday wear, each necklace has a total diamond weight of .25ct, set in 18K white gold and suspended from a white-gold chain. Royal Asscher's legacy goes back 155 years; Kind Edward VII commissioned the firm to cut the world's largest diamond into Great Britain's Crown Jewels. You'll be in queenly company! No purchase necessary... log on to Brides for a chance to win one of the 75 diamond pendants. 

GOOD LUCK!!! And update me if you are one of the lucky ones!

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Are you packing for you destination wedding and realizing that you have enough shoes set aside to fill an entire suitcase? 

Brides to be... be practical. Saving space is of the utmost importance and so I was really excited to find Switchflops.

Switchflops lets you instantly customize your look with just the switch of a strap. The concept is simple: buy one pair of flip-flops and switch the strap to fit any occasion, or any outfit. So that makes it the PERFECT shoe to bring on vacation. You save tons of room because you only have to bring 1 pair of shoes and a bunch of straps to match all your outfits... GENIUS! 

With several shoe styles and over 50 straps, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re lounging poolside or mingling at a cocktail party, there’s a Switchflop style to complete your look. Take a walk on the wild side with “Ruthie” a pink leopard print strap, or stroll along the beach in style with “Margaret” a beach print strap with a starfish center.

Ultra-light and portable, Switchflops are perfect for your destination wedding and honeymoon. They give you the freedom to express your individuality with unlimited interchangeable options. Each strap in your collection is like a whole new pair of shoes.

With Switchflops, simply switch your straps—not your shoes—for a whole new look that will make your shoes match just about any outfit.

Great bridesmaids gift idea too!

WHAT THEY COST: $32.00-$37.00 for the basic flip flop; $10 for each additional strap

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Switchflops and select boutiques nationwide.

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