Are you packing for you destination wedding and realizing that you have enough shoes set aside to fill an entire suitcase? 

Brides to be... be practical. Saving space is of the utmost importance and so I was really excited to find Switchflops.

Switchflops lets you instantly customize your look with just the switch of a strap. The concept is simple: buy one pair of flip-flops and switch the strap to fit any occasion, or any outfit. So that makes it the PERFECT shoe to bring on vacation. You save tons of room because you only have to bring 1 pair of shoes and a bunch of straps to match all your outfits... GENIUS! 

With several shoe styles and over 50 straps, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re lounging poolside or mingling at a cocktail party, there’s a Switchflop style to complete your look. Take a walk on the wild side with “Ruthie” a pink leopard print strap, or stroll along the beach in style with “Margaret” a beach print strap with a starfish center.

Ultra-light and portable, Switchflops are perfect for your destination wedding and honeymoon. They give you the freedom to express your individuality with unlimited interchangeable options. Each strap in your collection is like a whole new pair of shoes.

With Switchflops, simply switch your straps—not your shoes—for a whole new look that will make your shoes match just about any outfit.

Great bridesmaids gift idea too!

WHAT THEY COST: $32.00-$37.00 for the basic flip flop; $10 for each additional strap

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Switchflops and select boutiques nationwide.

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