Lucy Adams Author of If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny Will Be Visiting On Monday, March 2nd...Join Us

Lucy Adams will stop by on March 2nd to discuss her hilarious new book
If Mama Don't
 Laugh, It Ain't Funny

If Mama Don’t Laugh, It Ain’t Funny, tells the tale of every mom, every wife, every husband, every family. Lucy Adams, the author, relates to readers of all ages with stories about love, life, and all the little lessons in between, making her audience feel as if they have plopped themselves down in a rocking chair on her front porch while all the mayhem of the Adams family swirls around them. The stories found on the pages of If Mama not only reveal a woman’s drive to live every moment of every day fully, embracing both the grand and the mundane, the painful and the nearly perfect, with equal verve, but also her ability to laugh at her own frailties and foibles.

Lucy’s many roles as mother (of three boys and a girl), wife, daughter, educator, friend, neighbor, team mom, and carpool queen keep Lucy busy. Inspiration streams from the daily sprint around the metaphorical hamster wheel: burning meals, trying to look cool in a minivan, funeralizing deceased hermit crabs, eating pet watermelons, observing the oddities of Southern culture, dodging road rage in the grocery store, and then doing it all over again the next day.

In addition to authoring If Mama Don’t Laugh, It Ain’t Funny, Lucy writes a weekly humor column, which currently appears in three newspapers - The McDuffie Mirror, Tennessee Star Journal, and Columbia County News-Times. Lucy maintains contact with her readers through her blog, web site, If Mama, and regular e-newsletter.
Before the life she lives at present, Lucy worked as an over-educated stay-at-home mom, who still couldn’t out-think her kids, with a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Georgia and a Master of Science in Psychology from Augusta State University. In her spare time, between the endless chaotic moments that fill her days with angst and joy, Lucy washes clothes and breathes.

Pour a glass of wine, run a hot bath, and grab a copy of If Mama Don’t Laugh, It Ain’t Funny, a collection of hilarious memoir-style stories ranging from endearing tales of three-legged pigs to hair raising accounts of unpredictable cockroaches to sentimental moments between mother and child. Before you know it, you’ll be giggling until your bathwater sloshes over the sides of the tub and stuff comes out of your nose.

If you stopped by leave a comment, you could be the winner of the If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny baseball cap. I will pick the winner randomly and notify you.

Good luck!

To order your copy today click on the link below

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Common Questions Regarding Marriage Requirements in Puerto Rico

1. What are the residency requirements for marriage? None

2. What are the documentation requirements? Birth certificate, divorce decree (if applicable), spouse's death degree (if applicable), identification card or passport all must be original documents.
3. What are the application fees for a marriage license? $20
4. Are there any other fees? There is a $5 stamp fee for a certified copy of the marriage license and their is a doctor's fee that can range from $50 to $150.
5. Are blood tests required? Yes, VDRL, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tests certified by a local physician cost can be between $50 to $150. Laboratory fees are approximately $300 if performed on the island. The laboratory tests must not exceed fourteen (14) calendar days. For more information call: 1 800 981-5721
6. Are health certificates required? Yes, a VDTL test certificate by a local physician. The certificate must not exceed ten (10) calendar days.
7. To get these certificates, do i need to see a physician who is a resident practitioner in Puerto Rico? Yes, however, you may have the tests performed by a certified laboratory in your state or country, but all tests have to be performed within the required time frame.
8. Are civil ceremonies required? Yes
9. Are religious ceremonies required? No, but if you decide to have one, then a civil ceremony with a judge is not necessary.
10. Are there any other requirements? From the day the physician's certificates are issued, you have ten (10) calendar days to submit all documents to the local demographics registry and officiate the ceremony.
11. Can I get an application by mail? Yes at;
Registro Demografico (Demographic Registry)
P.O.Box 11854, Fernandez Juncos Station
San Juan, PR 00910
12. Where can I process my application in person?
Physical Address: 
Registro Demografico (Demographic Registry)
171 Quisqueya Street
Hato Rey, San Juan
Office hours:
M-F  7:30 am - 12:00 noon
M-F  1:00 pm -   5:00 pm
Sat    9:00 am -   1:00 pm

For further information, contact me it would be my pleasure to help you further.

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Tassi - Keep your hair out of there...

Each day, women everywhere face a common problem as they wash their face, care for their skin and apply their makeup — how to keep their hair out of the way. Enter the Tassi.

What’s the Tassi? It’s a patented product that makes it easy for you to keep your hair away from your face. Made of a comfortable stretch terry cloth, the Tassi goes on in three easy steps and gently lifts and holds your hair. Unlike headbands, clips or turbans, the Tassi does not flatten, twist or mess up your “do,” so it’s perfect for protecting second-day blowouts, too. You’ll also love to use your Tassi while you’re washing your face, taking a bath, applying makeup or whenever you want your hair out of the way.

Fun and fashionable, the Tassi is available in 12 colors, including white, soft pink, hot pink, chocolate brown, lavender, powder blue, lime green, tan, tangerine, turquoise, chili pepper red and black.

Founder Shawna Ellsworth created the Tassi based on a hairwrap her Aunt Dot used to make for her three teenage daughters. Shawna began using Aunt Dot’s hairwrap, too, when she washed her face each night. Over the years while raising five children, Shawna refined and developed Aunt Dot’s original concept. Eventually, she obtained a patent and began selling Tassies from her home in Arizona by word of mouth. Women loved them and became raving fans! Now, Shawna is ready to share the Tassi with women everywhere.

Great gift idea for a bridal party, bride or destination wedding guests.

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Pre Owned Wedding Dresses

A better way to buy and sell new, sample and used wedding dresses...
Since 2004, Pre Owned Wedding Dresses has been connecting buyers and sellers of preowned designer wedding dresses. They can help you find the dress of your dreams for less. Or help you give your beautiful gown a second big day with another happy bride.

Pre Owned Wedding Dresses is a listing service designed to connect buyers and sellers of new, sample and used designer wedding dresses.

Why not potentially save thousands of dollars on your wedding dress? And, if you've already worn your dream dress, share it with another happy bride and use the money for something practical like more honeymoon souvenirs!

They have hundreds of wedding dresses available - and easily searchable by key criteria like designer, price, and location. And 40% of the gowns listed on our site sell - most in less than 3 months.

Their site was created with buyers and sellers in mind. Their key differences are:

Benefits to Sellers
  • Unlike other wedding dress websites, your email address is not placed directly on the site. This helps prevent unwanted spam email from filling your mailbox.
  • Different from many other resale websites, emails are filtered to remove emails send from known scam addresses. This helps prevent you from ever receiving a scam inquiry in the first place. (See our Important Seller Information page for more details).
  • Unlike Ebay or newspaper classifieds, your listing does not expire for 12 full months, or until your dress sells (whichever comes first). And the fee is only $25 USD.
  • There is no limit to the amount of description you can give about your dress - and you can post up to five pictures - allowing you to give buyers a great idea of how fantastic your dress is. (You can also post more than 5 images for an additional fee).
  • Unlike wedding dress consignment, your gown isn't limited to one location and only one source of potential buyers.
  • You ONLY pay the listing fee, no commission is charged on the sale price.
  • Changes to dress listing information are made at any time, free of charge.
Benefits to Buyers
  • Dresses can be searched by designer, keyword, size, silhouette, neckline, size and location. 
  • You can chose as many or as few criteria as you want - making it easy for you to browse through all of our dresses and find the perfect one. Search Now!
  • Sellers only pay a listing fee (not a percentage of the sale price). This allows you to get the best possible price.
  • All dress listings contained detailed information about the dress and all listings are posted in the same format. This lets you compare easily dresses to help you make your decision.
  • Weekly updates of new dress listings are available by (free) mailing list subscription. To the minute updates are available via New This Week page rss feed. 

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Color Studio

Red, blue, orange, pink-- a favorite color palette can really set the stage for your wedding celebration. At Bride Color Studio discover hundreds of brilliant and unexpected combinations. Clip your favorites or keep spinning to see more... it's addictive!!!

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