Tiny German Lovebirds Elope to Africa...

Considering the impulsiveness of their decision, it was to be a beautiful wedding. A German "couple" packed bathing suits and sunglasses, then headed to Africa to get married "where it is warm." The nuptials were interrupted when the lovebirds were stopped at the train station and promptly returned to their parents.

Why? Because they were eloping at least 15 years too soon.

Mika and Anna-Lena, ages 5 and 6, are "very much in love," and decided during a joint family holiday celebration that they wanted to seal the deal. So they grabbed Anna-Lena's seven-year-old sister (an official witness), packed their bags, then jumped on a tram.

Had it not been for those pesky necessities like money and tickets, they may have gotten even farther. But the police at the train station got suspicious and brought them in.

Can you even imagine? Once the shock wears off, their parents are going to be re-telling that story for years to come. When my godson was born just a month before my daughter, my friend and I joked that we should just start planning the wedding now. But even if these families saw puppy love developing between these intrepid tots, I'm sure they figured they had at least a few years before the kids made it official!

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