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Getting married in a tropical setting opens up styling possibilities traditional weddings perhaps are not suited for. Creating great imagery begins by incorporating items and colors from your surroundings. Seashells, starfish and/or colorful arrangements may be an obvious choice as embellishments but if done correctly can be quite beautiful. The following bouquets exemplify how using themed items can add elegance and a little whimsy.

Constructed using real shells with natural
pink shell flowers. For the more avante-garde
brides, a simple ribbon wrapping minus all the
frill and a shorter handle would minimalize
the look.
Designed by SeaSide Weddings by Sherry

This basket is made from bamboo moving away
from traditional wicker baskets. This
is a great way to incorporate themed
materials in a fresh way.

Instead of ribbon, the stems have been
covered with raffia.

has the power to soothe and to excite. It's ability to awaken different emotions makes it a vital component to all design. A bright bouquet can lift spirits and add pop to the overall look. While a softer hued arrangement evokes calmness representing a quiet elegance. There is no right or wrong when choosing vivid over neutral or vise versa. It's up to you and what you are most attracted to. Don't be afraid to follow your heart.

Being in the tropics allows for a wider variety of colorful flora native to the region that are the usual budget busters inside the United States. Take advantage of your location and utilize the local foliage in your bouquet. The following are examples of how color and different combinations of them can be very effective in expressing your personality:

These colors are opposite each other on the
color wheel so when paired together
exude great energy.

Combining warm and cool colors in the same tones
lowers the energy level a bit but is still a strong
contrast against a white wedding dress or gown.

Keeping the pallet within the same color
family evokes calmness and a quiet elegance.

Does size matter? Not at all. The smallest of handhelds can pack just as much of a punch as bigger bouquets. It really depends on what you like. You may decide on one or two or even three gorgeous exotic flowers bundled together. This arrangement paired with a simple dress and loosely swept hair is very chic and noone has to know how much you saved by taking this route. On the other hand, big or longer bouquets can be quite beautiful as well. Just try not to be too fussy about how they are arranged. Wrapping the stems in raffia or forgoing the big satin bows can bring the look more inline with the tropical backdrop.

Small in size but big in style

The length can overpower
but it's simple lines allow for
the bride to take center stage

The important thing to remember is less is more. A touch of whimsy here and there is charming but be careful not to overdo it. Too much of anything becomes a distraction and will compete for attention with it's surroundings instead of complimenting them. Find pictures you love. If you find it challenging to decide, compile your data and talk to your wedding planner and/or florist. They will help guide your vision so it's cohesive with the rest of your wedding decor.

This is a fun process so don't get overwhelmed. Let your heart lead the way.

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