Lancome Juicy Tubes Turn 10

As a former professional makeup artist one of my favorite gloss' is Lancome's Juicy Tubes. They are by far the most convenient, non sticky, no taste, long wearing gloss I have ever used. The color choices are endless and range from neutrals to strawberry red.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary Lancome's Juicy Tubes has had a package makeover and reformulation. These tubes are part of the new "Natural Origins" collection and it means the contents come from all natural sources including their pigmentation's - ingredients include honey, rose and apricot.

Below are all the colors to choose from @ $18 each after March 15th;
120 Pop Art Hazelnut
121 Happy Honey (my favorite)
122 Rose Blossom
123 Dot Apricot
124 Crazy Raspberry
125 Swing Pink

They make a great bridal party gift! Who wouldn't love an assortment of fab gloss' :)

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