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Shawna Herring
The Beach House Hotel
I had my rehearsal dinner here on a warm and windy night. I had never been to this hotel before, Lisa recommended it and she did not let us down. As I walked down the pathway I was struck by how open it is, white walls and path way that leads you to an outdoor restaurant, tables and chairs, couches and beds.... The hotel is not only charming but it offered their guests that perfect island feel. Candles burned, drinks were flowing, DJ playing, food was perfect, and the Bride most of all was happy! The Beach House Hotel features beds on the beach, long flowing curtains swaying in the wind and a romantic setting for you and that someone you love.

If you are looking for a place you can exchange vows, this might be your place. Your guest can kick off their flip flops, sip on drinks, as you exchange your vows on the warm sand of The Beach House Hotel. This hotel has a chef that can work with you to create to a top notch reception. We loved working with them on our rehearsal dinner. I could clearly see why so many people choose to have their weddings here. If your dreaming of a chic place this might be a perfect fit for you.

Contact Lisa for more details.

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That looks beautiful,
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