Who say's weddings have to be the same old white dress and boring Tux shoes

Why not try something new?  My dream dress was black but that might have taken it a few steps to far.  Being creative means thinking outside the box.  You can wear a traditional dress but change up the color.  Pick your favorite color and run with it!  Here are a few very dreamy dresses that I love.  It's your day!  Live it up and wear the dress of your dreams. Who say's you can't have it your way! 

Photography by Rochelle Cheever
Photograph by ieie 
Photography by Ouma
Here are a few great tips when considering your wedding dress:

  1. You know you body better than anyone else. your body. Pick out a dress that helps highlight your amazing shape. Most ladies lose a few pounds or tone up before the big day. Make sure you pick out a dress shape that is realistic for your body shape.. 
  2. Have a clear idea of the tone you want to set. Do you want a formal wedding, a casual wedding, a semi formal wedding. Your dress will set the tone for your wedding.
  3. Stay true to your creative style and research what you want. There are so many wedding designers out there to pick from. You should have no issues finding a dress that is perfect for you and your big day.  Most of all make sure you LOVE it. Remember your will have pictures of yourself in that dress to last a lifetime.

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