Juan Carlos & Vivian's Wedding

I had the pleasure of being the wedding planner for Juan Carlos & Vivian's May wedding and I must say it was everything a traditional wedding should be.  The bride took your breath away, the ceremony and reception looked elegant and beautiful and as you walked into the reception hall everyone was in a celebratory mode, it was simply a blast.  

This was not a destination wedding, in fact the couple were both born and raised here in Puerto Rico.  They wanted a traditional wedding... ceremony in a Catholic church (in a town called Santurce, approximately 15 minutes from Old San Juan), the reception at a beautiful catering hall called Club Nautico (with a fantastic view of a private marina). 150 guests were there to witness this special day and although I am such an advocate for eloping I must say there is something to be said for celebrating your wedding day with a roomful of people whom love and adore you, love and joy was certainly in the air!  

The brides taste was impeccable and she knew exactly what she wanted so my job, although hectic, was relatively easy in the sense of all I had to do was listen and execute! And that is exactly what I did.  In the end the ceremony was meaningful, beautiful and full of pure joy (there was not a dry tear in the house as she walked into church and stood aside her fiance). She looked amazing, her flowers were simple and absolutely beautiful and her bridesmaids resembled models walking out of the pages of a bridal magazine (each dress was custom made all of the same material and color but each was different complementing the individual and each other)! Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy the entire ceremony, off I went to make certain everything was set-up and ready for the rush of guests which would arrive hungry and thirsty.  And thank goodness we were ready when they started to trickle in.  As they walked into the lobby area they were greeted with beautiful flower arrangements, candle light, champagne cranberry mimosas and a variety of appetizers.  The appetizers consisted of chicken skewers with pieces of caramelized apple, meat filled filo patties, baby lamb chops with a mint sauce and caramelized plantains filled with a delicious  and savory chopped meat. Everyone commented on the great variety and how delicious everything was.  As the dining room doors opened the guests were greeted to beautiful music playing in the background and a room that smelled like the loveliest garden in the world.  The centerpieces were simple, elegant and light.  When the bride and groom arrived they had their first dance and proceeded to PARTY all night long.  I made certain everyone had what they needed... drinks, food and that nothing had been overlooked.  The couple deserved the best and that is certainly how their day turned out, their wedding day and night were simply perfect. 

What more could a couple ask for... a memorable church ceremony, a wonderful venue with great food, drink and music and an atmosphere full of love and hope for the future of the new Mr. & Mrs.  

Juan Carlos & Vivian, if the feeling at your wedding is any indication of what is ahead in your lives, your lives will be full of JOY, LOVE & MUCH HAPPINESS.  Thank you for allowing me to assist in making your wedding dreams come true! It was my pleasure!

Congratulation!  Felicidades!  

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