Financial Difficulties Bring A Boom To Destination Weddings

Hola To My Future Mr & Mrs,

The last couple of months have been quite hectic, although I must stress a wonderful hectic.  In the last 60 days I have received over 50 Elope Package requests from couples living all over the states including Georgia, California, Texas and New York! The most amount of prospective newlyweds since I began wedding planning over a year ago.  I know for sure this is due to our economy.  Couples are desperately trying to make smarter financial decisions and instead of spending X amount of dollars on a 5 hour event, they are choosing to have their wedding be a week long celebration (including a honeymoon) for far less than the average traditional "shin-dig". 

Eloping is the fiancial way to go if you want to spend your hard earned money wisely! I can say this from both my professional and personal experience.  See I help successful, smart and savvy couples save thousands of dollars every day! But not only have I done this through my career, I also lived it through my own destination wedding experience. I always thought I wanted a large wedding and reception, a real celebration of our love. But when we started to weigh the cost of a wedding and reception as opposed to a week long celebration including; a ceremony, reception and honeymoon all rolled up in one... we realized spending time with our family enjoying a relaxing and beautiful island far out weighed that huge traditional 5 hour wedding event. I remember us planning our dream wedding; 150 guests, a chartered boat that would go around Manhattan Island, gourmet food, drink, band, designer dress and shoes, makeup artist, hairdresser, favors and so on and so on and so on. Then one night, right before we were to sign the venue contract, my fiance and I sat down and really thought it through and this is what we came up with. What would we rather have... a 5 hour event that would be over within a blink of an eye or a 15 day celebration, ceremony, reception and honeymoon that would last a lifetime and cost just about the same? Well in the end our destination wedding won and we have never regretted that decision.  We had the most magical 15 days of our lives and we celebrated every single moment.  It was a vacation that celebrated our love for one another.  We biked, went horse back riding and snorkling, saw rainbows, dolphins and manatees, danced, relaxed, took long walks, sailed on a catamaran, hiked and watched millions of stars come out at night, now that was a celebration of our love!

Couples, yes we are facing financial difficulties these days.  Yes, I agree having a destination wedding is a smart financial decision. But it is much more then that, it is about building memories at the very beginning of a new life together that will last far more than 5 hours, those romantic memories and adventurous experiences will surely last a lifetime!

Con carino,
Lisa your Wedding Planner!

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