Happy Wedding Day Gary & Sarah!

After much running around yesterday we are ready to have a beautiful ceremony today!  As they say expect the unexpected and so yes, the lab work was suppose to come in yesterday early morning and ended up arriving at 4:00 pm.  Now that's a problem when you have to file for a marriage license in Hato Rey (about 40 min from the lab) and there is tons of traffic and I still have to pick up the bride and groom and get us there before the office closes. But sure enough luck was on their side.  I got the results, jetted over to Isla Verde, picked them up and got to the Demographics office 10 minutes before closing.  And guess what... it turned out to be a perfect time to get there, I think I may bring every couple in at 10 to 6. Everyone wants to get home and they were on fire getting our paperwork done! We made it out with their marriage license in 10 minutes.  

Now today is the "BIG DAY"! Sarah & Gary tie the knot at a gorgeous beach in Ocean Park at 5:30 pm.  They are so excited! They will be joined by Gary's brother, Sarah's mom and sister, my assistant (my husband) and the officiant.  Just like they imagined it... quiet, intimate and very meaningful. 

Wish them well and may the weather stay as gorgeous as it has been.  I will update with a wedding picture asap!


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