Sarah & Gary 5/22/08

Sarah and Gary arrived today from West Virginia and they are well on their way to becoming Mr & Mrs on Thursday.  Their story is very sweet and seems to be the catalyst for most eloping couples these days.  See they were scheduled to have a LARGE traditional wedding in July and as the guest list grew and budget exploded they agreed "this is not for us". They called off the wedding and planned to do something a little more private and intimate.  By chance, Gary's brother invites them to join him in PR for a week vacation. And so Sarah came up with a "big idea", she would surprise Gary by proposing on the plane (he had already proposed first so is it really a proposal?) and advises him that she had set everything up with a wedding planner (that's me) for them to elope this week!  Can you believe her courage! Well, thank goodness he said yes (I was so nervous for her) and so there I was at the airport waiting for them and hoping I would get great big smiles as they were approaching... well thank goodness I did!

Not only are Sarah and Gary adorable, they are so funny, sweet and madly in love!  It's so wonderful to see a young couple have it all together, their education (Gary just graduated and Sarah has one more year to go), their careers lined up (social work) and last but certainly most important in life they have found their life partner!  I am so thrilled to be the one assisting them through the process of eloping.  It's a real honor to be a part of such a pivotal moment in their lives.  I wish them all of the love, luck and health life has to offer.  And may their marriage last at least 100 years! 

Felicidades Sarah & Gary... hoy y para siempre! (Congratulations Sarah & Gary... today and forever!) That translation is for you Sarah!

PS: The shot of them was taken while they were having their lab work done. Never have I laughed so much watching a couple get their blood drawn. If laughter is key to a happy marriage, they will certainly last to at least 100! :)

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Ixa said...

Cutest. Story. Ever!

Thanks for sharing their adventure. It made my morning =)