Wedding Day Bliss

As I am driving to Sarah & Gary's ceremony site I am hit with a storm... rain, wind and flooding, but of course! I thought for sure it was going to be a wash-out for a beach ceremony. But I always have a Plan B and I arranged for the ceremony to be held indoors at the restaurant (on the same beach) where Sarah, Gary & guests would be having the reception dinner.  

Well, I finally arrive at the site,  the officiant arrives 5 minutes later followed by Sarah's mom and sister and yes, we all agree, the ceremony will be held indoors. All of a sudden, just as Sarah and Gary arrive, the rain slows down and within minutes it totally stops!  OK... the minister takes full responsibility for the miracle by stating "his boss" arranged it and so we are off to the beach.  As we start to approach the area... there it was... just as I had ordered... a beautiful rainbow! :) Now tell me that isn't a sign, a sign that Sarah and Gary are blessed.  I am so sure they will have a lifetime of happiness and I know for sure that they will never forget how magical their wedding day turned out! And so my work is done! :)

One last secret code message for Sarah and Gary.
Sarah... lo ciento!
Gary... quieres cerveza?  LOL

Felicidades Sarah y Gary!  I hope you will take up my "post wedding" offer and come visit PR again real soon!

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Anonymous said...

The comment below was posted by Sarah and Gary's friend Andrea.

Thank you for posting the details of the event for those of us who care for sarah and gary! what a surprise... and it's so great to hear the story told from your perspective! Thanks for taking the time to include these photos and tell the story! I appreciate it!

Thank you for posting Andrea and sorry for the mistake!