Tips On Traveling With Your Wedding Gown

If you are considering a PR destination wedding I am sure you have thought of how you are getting your wedding dress here. Here is some advise that will help you prepare your dress and get it to your wedding destination safe and sound.

Many brides take their wedding dress on the plane as carry-on luggage, but to avoid problems at check in BE SURE it is an approved size, as some airplanes do not have extra room for oversized carry-on pieces. It is advised to make arrangements with the airline in advance. Some airlines allow the large "coat closets" in the first-class cabin area to be used for bridal gown storage.

Now for the preparing and packing. First ask your bridal salon to pack the dress for you. If they don't have a box large enough for the dress ask them to pack it in a suitcase.

To pack the gown yourself, line the suitcase with plenty of tissue. Place the center of the gown in the suitcase, face down. Fold the skirt lenghthwise to fit the suitcase; use tissue for padding. Fold the bottom of the skirt into the suitcase, again using lots of tissue, and then fold in the bodice. If the dress moves around when you move the suitcase, open it and add more tissue until there is no movement at all.

As soon as you reach your destination, unpack the gown and hang it in the bathroom. Close the door and turn the shower on. Be sure the gown will not get splashed; you merely want the steam from the shower to take care of the wrinkles. A hand steamer may be needed for stubborn creases.

Professional dry cleaning services are available just about anywhere in PR through your hotel or resort, they can freshen your gown for about $45.00.

As for the Groom, it is a great idea to rent the tux here. There are many Tuxedo rental shops that offer good service and great variety. Just be certain to give yourself enough time for a fitting and pick-up. Tuxedos can also be brought along, but why should you when you can probably rent them right at the wedding location (check with your wedding planner or resort). If you decide to travel with a rented Tux follow the same packing advise as the wedding dress, and have one of your guests bring it back and return it for you.

Last Tip-Packing for a wedding AND a honeymoon can add up to a lot of luggage and a lot of money at the airport. A good suggestion is to have some of your guests bring some items with them or ship items to the wedding planner or to your resort. If you are shipping anything, make sure you leave extra time and use an overnight service, such as FedEx, not regular mail. That advise goes for the trip back home too, ask a guest to bring back any items you will not need on your honeymoon so that your load is much lighter.

Happy Packing!

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