Here is a simple idea that can be a small token of appreciation as well as being very useful. You don't want your guests to melt in the heat while their waiting for you to make your entrance. So I love these palm-leaf fans from Bliss Weddings Market -- leave one on each seat, and your crew can outlast the hottest temps. I have my own collection, gathered from past weddings, that I bring out at my own house for barbecues. While the fans used to only come in a neutral tan shade, now they've gotten even better and come in a host of colors to coordinate with your decor. They're available in turquoise coral, lime, brown, yellow, blue, red and two shades of pink. And with a pack of 10 for only $10, they won't make you sweat over your budget either.

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Bride2Bee said...

I love these! Where can I get them?

Anonymous said...

Hello Bride to bee, click on Bliss Weddings Market and it will direct you to the website. Congratulations and good luck! Lisa