The Perfect Wedding Color Palette

Picking wedding colors is the #1 question I get as a wedding planner. Because there are so many factors involved with choosing your colors it's hard to answer what would work best for you. So I decided to give you a ton of color ideas and then share with you a secret place to create your own wedding color choices.

The colors come as a 5 color choice, some of which are not our first choice, but you can get an idea of how to match your colors or just choose a few from the palette. They are complimentary to each other and make your color theme seem effortless. For example, pick one color for the flowers, another for the bridesmaids dresses and yet another for the linen. Although they are not the same color throughout (which can also me done and would be called a monochromatic look) they compliment each other and make your wedding more colorful and cheerful.

You can also create your own colors at kuler.adobe

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