Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

Movies like the Wedding Planner have shown the general public how much a wedding planner is needed. In the most basic sense, wedding planners are the ones who assist and take care of everything related to your wedding. The question is, though, does a couple really need a wedding coordinator? Can’t they just do everything themselves?

To answer this question, let’s look at a scenario, which, though hypothetical at this point, is probably true for many couples planning a wedding. The moment a couple gets engaged, they start to become inundated with all sorts of details needed to come up with the perfect wedding. From the bridal shower to the invitations to the venue to the gown to the reception, a couple about to get married will have to deal with all these things scenarios.

If you are the average couple, with both partners working and having to deal with a whole host of other responsibilities, you just might find yourself overwhelmed with all the planning. Take for example the simple matter of choosing a company to take care of the photos and videos during the wedding day. There is definitely no shortage of companies that can take care of this for you. The problem actually lies in the fact that you have too many choices. So how do you choose? The same thing goes for the entertainment for the reception, the caterer, the florist, and a lot of other things.

This is where the wedding coordinator can actually contribute most. A wedding coordinator only needs to know your preferences and needs and budget. He or she can then do all the legwork and negotiate with various caterers and providers. Of course, he or she would need to coordinate closely with you and your partner in order to ensure that what you will be getting is what you want.

Now throw in a destination wedding and you have a few more obstacles added in, such as, the language, knowledge of the destination site, contacts for venues, marriage license requirements, etc. and you definitely have a scenario where having a wedding planner makes a huge world of difference.

More than this, experienced wedding coordinators, like myself, have lots of contacts already. We have established relationships with florists, caterers, photographers and the like. This means that for the most part we can get better rates than if you were to do the negotiating yourself. This translates into savings for you and your partner.

Bottom line is... although you may think the added expense of a wedding planner is not worth spending... in the long run, hiring a wedding planner will save you money, time and stress. Now isn't that a much better way to plan one of the most important days of your life?

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