Tropical Wedding Favor Ideas

Puerto Rico is famous not only as a dream vacation, but also as a destination for weddings. This is because the setting is exceptionally romantic, the weather simply beautiful and the panorama stunning. Besides, Puerto Rico wedding favors and gifts are very attractive.

Puerto Rico is one of the most romantic spots on earth – especially for a wedding. This is a destination that would delight your guests as well as side by side with your wedding they would enjoy the extremely picturesque and sun-kissed beaches of the islands (Culebra & Vieques). The only thing you should keep in mind is the planning. Part of your Puerto Rico wedding theme could be Puerto Rican favors and decorative supplies. Since this involves special travel plans and accommodation arrangements, the booking should be done well in advance lest you encounter last minute problems which could ruin the wedding schedule.

The guests should be informed about what they would need on the island in terms of clothes (for the wedding ceremony and the reception that follows), the exact program of the wedding, how long they would be hosted on the island and what are the arrangements made for their return. To make it more fun, you could add a half-day (or full day) guided tour around the island(s) and/or put them in contact with someone who could suggest some activities before and after the wedding celebrations.

The Perfect Informal Wedding Setting – The Beach
For those who love informal celebrations, this is the best there could be. The beach weddings are extremely charming and entertaining both for the newly wedded couple as well as the guests. Puerto Rican wedding favors and gifts are exceptionally beautiful and can be arranged in whatever number by me your local wedding planner. There is plenty of choice from sea shell ornaments to specially designed paperweight favors to coconut bowls and jewelry and even photobooks made of papaya or banana leaves.

The local handicrafts are exquisite, comfortably prices and very appropriate to Puerto Rico – it would seem that each piece is actually a piece of the island. If you put in a little extra effort have them personalized for each of your guests, Puerto Rican wedding favors could be very impressive.

The destination itself is a gift to your guests and if Puerto Rican favors and gifts are chosen well, your wedding would be remembered for a long time to come by everybody whom you invited.

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