A Signature Drink

Let me first start by explaining what it is for those new to wedding planning. A signature drink is a special drink that you designate as your personal pick for your wedding...your signature.

I suggest to my clients that they should pick their favorite drink and put a spin on it by changing the color and name. For example, Aixa's favorite drink is a Cosmopolitan. Her wedding colors are shades of blue. So for her signature drink, we added a bit of Hypnotiq to a standard cosmo, added a blue sugar swizzle stick and then re-named the drink "Married Aixa's Cosmo" and it sat next to "David's Tied the Knot".

The great thing about a signature drink is that they alleviate that rush to the bar after the ceremony. Because let's face it, that 5-10 minute wait for the 1st drink at the bar seems like an hour and your uncle Jorge wouldn't dare get out of that line to catch the guy with the tray of spring rolls that just look so yummy. And when your hungry... oh my gosh that's the worst feeling!

So if you have a signature drink station, or have the drink passed right at the entrance of the cocktail reception, you'll immediately cut down the line at the bar. And your old uncle can catch the servers and get all the tostones, coconut shrimp & empanadas he wants.

Fun tip- have 2 or 3 signature drinks and have a signature drink bar with the drinks poured and ready to be grabbed. Choose drinks that are different colors and are served in different sized glasses. Make sure that you place a little tabletop menu on the display so everyone knows just how special the drinks are.

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1 comment:

Aixa said...

I did love my signature cocktail!

David still tries to make his "Tied The Knot" with little success. Since our most favorite flavors were incorporated, it made our day feel that much more special.

Thanks Lisa for really taking the time out to think about all those little details that all added up to be a spectacular celebration!