Design A Flavor

I am always looking for unique & environmental aware ideas for wedding favors. These days who wants to spend money on a favor that will take up shelf space, a dust collector. My research lead me to this site and I thought "what a novel idea" give away a unique blend of tea that you designed and put your personal message on. 

The company is Design A Tea and the concept is so simple, choose a base and one or two flavors to blend your own unique tasting tea. Top it off with a personalized message "Joe & Ann... the perfect blend" (to cute) and give it away as your wedding favor. Not sure what flavors to mix? For $1 ($2 will be credited towards your actual purchase once you find the perfect blend) you can have a sample sent for you to taste. That is genius! And the packaging is beautiful... I can imagine them all stacked up on a table making a great presentation. And most important, it is something that will be consumed with pleasure and not a dust collector that will end up in a land fill.

Your environmental aware 
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