Simple Bridal Bouquet

I hate to admit it but I came across this picture of the simplest bridal bouquet ever and I fell in love with how beautiful it looks. It is made up of baby's breath... the flower I always ask the florist to "please leave out of the bouquet" because I feel it makes the bouquet look cheesy. I still feel that way about baby's breath being in a mixed bouquet, it is just so common. But alone in a bouquet it is romantic, lovely and so simple that it melts me. 

If you are looking for a bouquet that is far different and will make people say "wow I would have never thought of that!" this is the one! It would also look great in bunches as a centerpiece at a reception table.

Simple wedding idea,
from your wedding planner,

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Did the bridesmaids carry these as well. Did you incorporate the babys breath into the centerpiece, etc. If you have photos could you send them to me.

I am assisting my baby sister with her wedding plans.

Anonymous said...

This is soo sweet and simple!I might do this as well!

I am also interested in knowing if the bridesmaids carry these as well!

Could you also please e mail the photos to me at

Thanks a lot..