Remember Throwing Rice At A Wedding...

Bring back the tradition of wishing wealth to newlyweds by tossing Designer Wedding Rice over the bride and groom. It is true rice which has been re-formed into beautiful tiny hearts. The hearts are flat so the rice won’t roll when stepped on (it’s hard enough walking in those heels!), and it is biodegradable so it will wash away with the next rain, making this the perfect eco-friendly accessory for your Green Wedding!

Each bag contains enough wedding rice for 100 favors and a scoop for measuring and filling your favors. The scoop is approximately 1 Tablespoon.

Want to involve all your guests in your wedding toss? Our favorite solution is to wrap small handfuls of rice in Wedding Tulle and then place your packets in one or more Flower Girl Baskets!

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Suzan St Maur said...

Hi Lisa

Although of course you're right in saying that rice is eventually biodegradable, there are many experts who believe it is dangerous to throw rice instead of confetti because in its dried state, if birds pick it up, it can swell up inside them and cause serious damage to their digestive systems ... even death.

Also, I would question whether rice thrown in this way would all get washed away with the next rain, unless that were to be one gigantic storm!

Another option is to use biodegradable confetti which does disintegrate a lot faster than rice, or ideally, bird seed! That ticks all the boxes because it is good for local birds and will get cleaned up by them very quickly ... long before it has the chance to biodegrade.

For more information about green weddings please see my blog here:

With all good wishes

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