Friday Funny :) By My Bride To Be Ebony

My future bride Ebony's experience at the famous Feline's Basement "Running of the Brides" this morning at their Boston location :) Enjoy!

It's rare I come across women and men that are rude and trashy. When i say there was a stampede I am not kidding you ! Grandmothers, children, etc. were all being tripped, assaulted, tossed aside, etc as men and women grabbed for dresses. We got there at 5am and were pretty early as the doors didn't open till 8am. By the time they opened the doors at 8 there were several thousand people there. Literally and figuratively all hell broke loose when they opened the doors. I should have known it was no joke when we passed the first aid station that had been set up outside . It was actually pretty funny. You really would have thought they were giving dresses away and not at the $700 price point. None the less after a good two hours of mayhem my crew and I had to leave as I need to shop in a little more controlled environment. Some women had luck! It's just the type of thing you have to do once if you live in Boston. Good experience. It did motivate me to call and make an appointment with a "proper" bridal salon when I got in the office. lol !

Thanks Ebony!

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