Paperwork #1 Priority

Getting married in PR is no big deal as long as you are fluent in Spanish, know how to get around the Puerto Rico fairly easy and have a doctor here who is your "friend" LOL.

But I have to say,  if you don't have your end of the paperwork ready then even the most brilliant wedding planner cannot perform miracles.  

Here is a checklist of everything you need in order to marry in PR... there are NO EXCEPTIONS! (No more than 14 days prior to your wedding date)
  • VDRL (Syphilis) Blood
  • Gonorrhea (urine or the dreaded swab)
  • Chlamydia (urine or the dreaded swab)
  • Two forms of photo ID; driver's license, passport or military ID (make sure they are up to date)
  • If divorced, the Divorce Decree
  • If widowed, the Death Certificate
  • If either partner is under 20; one parent must be present with current ID
OK, if you have all of the that applies to you... I can work my magic and make it happen! :)


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Cat said...

gorgeous photo. I love the hair especially!