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Eloping is usually a very simple affair.  In attendance, for the most part, are the Bride and Groom, the officiant, a photographer and the wedding planner.  But that does not mean it shouldn't be a beautiful, classy and chic wedding. And that goes for the Bride as well, she should look and feel FABULOUS!  What I am saying is yes, you are very smart for saving lots of money by eloping and not succoming to the traditional 250 guests shabang. But do not skimp on some important things, for example, the Bride's appearance.  You want to look at your wedding pictures and say "Wow, I look beautiful, modern, fresh and put together!".  Spend the extra cash and have your hair and makeup (even a mani and pedi) done.  You not only will look beautiful but you certainly will feel it too.  And why not be pampered a bit on one of the most important days of your life.  It will also make a difference when you look in the mirror right before heading out to see the love of your life. When you see yourself all dolled up, for example, your hair in a gorgeous updo, ringlets of curls, loose bohemian curls or flowers in your hair you will be so happy you had it done professionally.  Your makeup too should look natural and fresh.  And when makeup is applied professionally it will last that way throughout the day.  Another benefit is that when your ceremony is over and your heading out to your special dinner you will still look great.  Brides, it's the least you can do for yourselves on your wedding day!   

Ladies, keep in mind it's your day... spend the extra money to look and feel your best! Believe me you won't regret it and you are certainly WORTH IT!

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