Top 10 Reasons Why Smart Couples Elope

1. To have an affordable wedding
2. To save time & energy
3. To maintain their sanity
4. To have fun and not get caught up in the planning
5. To have a unique experience
6. To start their honeymoon immediately after the ceremony
7. To enjoy their day as oppose to being stressed about the planning
8. To start off their marriage in a simple way
9. Romance
10. Because they are SMART!

When couples want to eliminate the pressures (and the enjoyment) of a Conventional Wedding, they sometimes make the decision to “Elope”! may not be for everyone but if you are looking to save money while still having a fantastic wedding day this is the way to go!

Elopement is fun and romantic!… No more than a small private wedding… with or without a wedding gown, with or without a bridal bouquet… A ceremony restricted to the bride and groom (and a couple of witnesses) or may include a few close friends and even the parents followed by a nice dinner and a small Wedding cake after the ceremony and… a honeymoon for two…and your there already!

Elopement is a practical solution to career couples. It takes little preparation!...

Elopement may also be the only option to get married. When a couple in love, determined to share their lives together, faces opposition by one or more of the parents to the marriage due to religious, racial or cultural misconceptions.

Elopement is inexpensive... it can be as basic as arriving in Puerto Rico and going directly to get your marriage license and going to the judges chambers for a total of $150. (excluding your plane tickets). But it can also be a small ceremony at a beach with friends and family, followed by a dinner at a local restaurant.

Puerto Rico has some of the most romantic spots in the world. Consider Flamenco Beach (ranked #2 by Discovery Channel of the most beautiful beaches in the world), the tranquil lakes and forest of El Yunque (the only rainforest north of the equator), the opulent resorts and bed & breakfasts and the mountaintops places known only to you two! Is elopement right for you? When couples call I offer these tips:

When you “choose” to elope. You should not be pressured!... It should feel right!!!
Talk it over with close friends, relatives or your parents. Although Elopement typically is a secret, it doesn’t have to be if your circumstances allow it… Let loved ones know!..

You most certainly want to plan and maintain to a budget. Consult with me, an experienced wedding planner and I can make your wedding day everything you hoped for while sticking closely to your budget.

TIP: Let the Restaurant Hostess, the Flight Attendant and the Hotel Registration Desk know about your elopement. You may end up with a free small Wedding Cake, a free upgrade to first class or a free upgrade to a honeymoon suite!…

If you feel that elopement is right for you, email or call me… Gracias y Felicidades!

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