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Hello Brides to be,  
Below is an email I received from a bride I am currently assisting in creating the wedding of her dreams. Her name is Carey Evans and she is the very talented designer and co-host of HGTV's Closet Cases as well as having numerous appearances on My First Place, Freestyle and Don't sweat it with Steve Watson.  She is oh so talented and full of creative ideas that look modern & chic but won't break the bank. I hope to be sharing lots and lots of her ideas with you.  

Check this one out...

... Something for you maybe to blog about... In trying to save money I found that the cost for printing a return address as well as a RSVP address on every envelope would take hours to do by hand or cost money if you were hiring a calligrapher. My printer wanted to charge anywhere from $100-200 more to print my return/rsvp address on my main envelope flap and RSVP envelope. So I choose to get creative and have a stamp made for $18. With shipping it comes out to $23.. but I can have this stamp for as long as I am in this home.

I picked the "Curly" stamp from Paperwink... 
But I saw a ton of them on our favorite site Etsy. Like these cool ones...
Etsy Stamp.

Just tell your brides if they are using them for their RSVPs they should ask to have a larger stamp made... mine are 2.8" x 1.75". But over all these pretty return stamps would be great gifts for newlyweds OR for anyone with a new home... or a new last name!

Thanks Carey!  Love that tip! Keep them coming!

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