When you believe in love, anything is possible!

Christina Barreraz & Carlos Hernandez
August 1st, 2009

Photo By Shawna Herring

My Story.....

   I'm Christina (the Bride) and I got married on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! It was not only amazing, magical and romantic but more dreamy that I could have ever hoped for.  I chose Puerto Rico for my wedding, not because I live there, not because I grew up there and not because I'm Puerto Rican, none of those things apply to me.  I got married in Puerto because for me there was other place in the world I could dream of having my wedding.  Just like so many tourist, I took a mini vacation to Puerto Rico before my cruises ship was due to leave.  I planned on touring Puerto Rico, three extra days before my cruise left port.  By the time I got on the ship to start my cruise, I was dreaming of when the ship would land back in PR.  I loved it so much that while on the ship I was calling the El San Juan Hotel & Casino to book two extra days so I could fall more in love with PR.  It was on that very cruise ship I met and fell in love, with my husband. You see for me there was no other choice and it could have never happened without Lisa Rodriguez.

Now as the weeks go by, I am going to show you how I pulled my wedding together all the way from Virginia with Lisa's guidance and friendship we created my dream wedding.  Destination weddings are not easy!  You need help and if you believe, no matter the budget, anything and I mean ANYTHING is possible. 
- Christina

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