I Heart Ouma

Life is full of little gems!  Finding one that you want to share with the whole world is unique.  I heart Ouma because she is truely an artist.  There is nothing like putting on one of her dresses, it makes you feel like a movie star.  Her fabulous take on ballerina style dresses makes me want to run to my closet and play dress up.  Her dresses can make you feel like a little girl playing dress up.  I bought two of her dresses recently for my wedding.  I wanted to feel extra special at my rehearsal dinner.  I wanted to wear a dress I would never forget.  I wanted to slip into a dress that would be timeless, unique, unforgettable to anyone who passed by me.  I put it on and never wanted to take it off.  I love fashion!  I love to look just a little different from the rest.  I'm willing to take chances on designers who share my passion for twists on the norm.  Ouma's Clothing gave me every reason to remember my special day. The only problem, I will forever remember the dress more than the occasion I wore it for.

You can check out all of Ouma clothing’s dresses on www.etsy.com or see more photos on www.oumaclothing.com!   

Thank you Ouma!

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