Looking for unique wedding invites... Linda & Harriett

Beautiful, unique, whimsical, classic wedding invites... Linda & Harriett
Custom designs available 

About Linda & Harriett
Linda & Harriett was started by Liz Coulson Libre in 2005 as a custom hand-stamp invitations line. Liz worked one on one with the client to come up with the design and had rubber stamps made specifically for that invitation. Each piece was then hand-stamped, resulting in a fully customized and handmade invitation set.
After deciding she wanted to make her designs available as note card sets, Liz began to experiment with letterpress printing – a form of press printing that grew out of hand printing with stamps and woodblock type. In May of 2007, Linda & Harriett launched its first line of letterpress note cards. And now with the help of its printer in Portland, Maine, Linda & Harriett has a full line of letterpress note cards, oversized flats and its first calendar. And as of November 2007, Linda & Harriett is now exclusively offering custom designed letterpress invitations.

About Liz Coulson
Liz Coulson Libre is the designer behind Linda & Harriett. While she was never formally trained as a designer, she has always been crafty and earned a BA in Art from Bates College, where she did a year-long thesis in mixed-media.
In September of 2007, Liz was joined by her husband John (also a Bates alum), who left his job in advertising to oversee all marketing and sales of Linda & Harriett. Together, Liz and John share a vision for a high quality product with good taste and simple design.

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