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Jessica's e-mail to PR Wedding Planner...
Additional Details You'd Like To Share: I saw your $2000.00 wedding package with "no exceptions" but I have a question. Does this mean that you don't do weddings with more than 8 guests, or is it that the price just rises? As mentioned above, we are planning on having about 20 guests. If you would still do a wedding of that size, please let me know. I'm very excited to find a planner that offers an all-inclusive wedding package, and because we are not wanting a reception--this type of package would work out great. Does the package include the ceremony location fee? Also, we were thinking of having the wedding in March or April. Oh, and one more question. The thought of having a videographer has come across my mind. Have you ever worked with one? Thanks for any help, and I look forward to hearing from you!!!

On June 10, 2008 I received the above e-mail from Jessica inquiring about my services... 6 months later I wrapped up one of the most amazing, sweet, romantic, lovely and meaningful weddings I have ever planned!  The couple have been together for 10 years (they are 24) and were sure they were meant for each other, after working with them for over 6 months... I am sure of it too!  They are considerate, thoughtful, smart, logical and just plain "good folk". I have planned many weddings in my day and I must say that the love and support in the air on their wedding day was tangible!  

Jessica & Matt, I wish you both a lifetime of health, joy and true wedded bliss! May December 5th be the start of a lifetime of true happiness...

Your wedding planner,

P.S. Pro pictures and video will soon follow.

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