I Had A Blog Visit From Writer/Author Susan St. Maur

I had a blog visit from writer/author Susan St. Maur and I am honored and thrilled that she not only visited but left a very informative comment about the "Designer Rice" not being as "green" as we would like it to be! She suggested "biodegradable confetti and bird seed" as an alternative to the rice.  She offers tips like this and many many more in her latest book... 

Married in Green
Do you – or does someone you know - want to get married in a way that helps keep our planet, environment, agriculture and employment ethics as healthy as possible ...without compromising on style? This book shows you how.

Great gift idea for anyone planning a wedding!

Thank you for stopping by Ms. St. Maur. I hope you will visit again and again.

Lisa, the PR Wedding Planner

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World Wedding Photojournalist said...

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