14 New Ideas for Tosses and Send-Offs by Brides Magazine

Rice makes you slip, bubbles can drip, and doves... well, let's not go there. Consider these alternative ways for guests to salute your departure.

  1. Dried Rosebuds - These lightweight buds, meant for tea, can be lofted high... Pearl River Mart
  2. Finger Cymbals - Imagine exiting to a symphony of cymbals... Windy City Novelties
  3. Serpentine Throws - Streamers are dramatic yet easy to clean up... Bulk Party Supplies
  4. Shredded Paper - Order bags of the stuff in your wedding colors... Nashville Wraps
  5. Autumn Leaves - Grab a rake from your garage and head for the backyard
  6. Freeze-Dried Flower Petals - Why pluck roses when you can purchase them by the bag?... Petal Garden
  7. New Year's Noisemakers - Classic trumpets create a joyful noise... Party 411
  8. Star Shaped Confetti - A constellation of gold stars makes the grade... Oriental Trading
  9. Ecofetti - Biodegradable tosses treat the earth kindly... Ecoparti
  10. Lavender Buds - Bitty buds come in purple, blue, pink, and white... Lost Mountain Lavender
  11. Sparklers - Extra-long wedding sparklers won't singe fingers... Sparklers Online
  12. Kazoos - If your guests can hum, they can play... Kazoos
  13. Wildflower Seeds - The perfect toss for a wedding in a meadow... American Meadows
  14. Paper Airplanes - Depart as your guests launch a fanciful fleet... 10 Paper Airplanes 
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