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Hello readers, I am so excited to offer my brides a 10% discount on one of my favorite companies... Freddy & Ma (this company came up with a concept that allows their customers to custom make a handbag of their choice). I came across their website while doing my bridesmaids gift research and found it to be loads of fun, user friendly and a great way to release some creative juices. It amazes me that anyone can go on their site custom make a handbag and have it mailed to you just like that. The choices are endless but it's really as easy as 1,2,3. Pick a handbag style, next the fabric and finally the hardware. Whaalaa... you have a custom handbag designed by you. It is a fantastic way to say a special thank you to the most important people participating in the most memorable day of your life... your wedding day. You can custom make a gorgeous Hazel clutch and present it to your maid of honor, bridesmaids, mom or mother-in-law and let them know how special they are. What I love the most is it is the kind of gift they will use for years to come.

Now go to Freddy & Ma, think of who you are designing the Hazel clutch for, pick a fabric that showcases their personality and their you have it, the perfect thank you!

When ordering (must be the Hazel clutch style and must be 5 or more) enter code 101010 and receive 10% off your order.

Thanks and have a great time
being a handbag designer!
Your wedding planner,

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Bello Photography said...

Hey Lisa,

So cool that you're able to offer your brides a discount on these FABULOUS bags!!! I hope we start seeing more of these as wedding party gifts. They're not only adorable, but great to photograph!!!

Here's hoping we see you in PR soon!

Christine & Andy
Bello Photography