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If you are having a destination wedding you certainly have to pack a "honeymoon" wardrobe. I blogged about Athleta (LOVE everything they have) and now for some shoes... remember jellies, well they were back and in full force this summer, everyone from Chanel to Kate Spade made a pair and now that summer is over you can get them at a great price. They are light, come in great versatile colors and go with everything from a dress to jeans... here are my picks;

  • Jingle Belle - Briolettes and a sleek strap make this jelly work with even closely tailored pieces. Beaded PVC, Salvatore Ferragamo
  • How Glam - Pair with a sassy dress or your bikini for cool look. PVC, Kors Michael
  • To Flip Over - The thing about neons: They get easier to wear as they move father from your face. PVC, Kate Spade
  • Clear Genius - It is clear that this 'Paradize' sandal is the perfect honeymoon accessory. PVC, clear or black, Steve Madden
  • Just A Few Left - So popular and hard to find but I found a few in teal. PVC, Old Navy from $5
  • Radical Clarity - For the ultimate jelly... the Gladiator! PVC, clear or black, Kenneth Cole
  • Deal of the Day - Color takes center stage this season, as the Los Angeles Times noted when they featured these colorful jelly sandal with ankle ties. So cute you have to buy more than one. PVC, all colors, Newport News $5
NOTE: The summer season is over so great prices but limited availability. Good luck!

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