Top Ten Wedding Sites for 2008 as per Wedding Click

#1~Las Vegas, Nevada: With over 144,000 weddings each year, Las Vegas is undoubtedly the top wedding location. Whether it be a an entertaining Elvis-themed ceremony or luxurious wedding in one of the top hotels in the world, Las Vegas offers a multitude of options to suit all types of couples.

#2~San Juan, Puerto Rico: Its renowned sandy beaches and close proximity to the States makes Puerto Rico an ideal wedding location. Known as “The Island of Enchantment,” Puerto Rico is a vibrant bilingual city where no passport is required with exceptional accommodations for your dream wedding.  (US Currency) 

#3~Key West, Florida: Key West is often described as the paradise of the continental U.S. due to its turquoise sea, countless palm trees, and exciting water activities. If you’ve always imagined a sunset wedding, the Key West will exceed your expectations.
#4~Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: Couples are instantly drawn to this splendid Caribbean island for a tropical wedding. The scenic ocean makes a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony, and the relaxed setting provides a stress-free environment. You easily create a vacation here for you and your guests.
#5~Maui, Hawaii: This exotic location is famous for its breathtaking beaches, lush greenery, and unique culture. Couples here usually opt for a casual beach ceremony, adopting ancient Hawaiian traditions such as exchanging leis.
#6~St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands: Running on “island time,” the Caribbean island of St. John is a tranquil destination for your wedding. Its emerald cays and panoramic beach views are absolutely spectacular. It is a small and quaint island, making it an intimate and upscale location.
#7~Acapulco, México: With a multitude of glamorous resorts to choose from, you can plan a stylish wedding on pristine beaches. The crescent-shaped bay and mountainous terrain will provide a picturesque wedding venue. Acapulco also has a booming nightlife, sure to create fantastic outings.
#8~Walt Disney World: Orlando, Florida- Quite unlike any other place in the world, Walt Disney World is the supreme location for a fairytale wedding. The extravagant Cinderella castle and horse-drawn carriages provide for an elaborate and magical celebration.
#9~Sandals, Jamaica: With a multitude of glamorous resorts to choose from, planning a wedding in Sandals is simple with their all-inclusive packages. Known for their exemplary customer service and exotic accommodations, Sandals is a wonderful spot for your wedding.
#10~Margarita, Venezuela: The Venezuelan island of Margarita is located in the majestic Caribbean Sea, earning it the title of “Pearl of the Caribbean.” Its pleasant tropical climate, warm people, and world-class beaches make it a spectacular wedding location. On your fee time you can explore the Amazon jungle, climb waterfalls, and even go piranha fishing.

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