Ideas for Groom's Beach Wedding Attire

Many brides ask me "what should my fiance wear?".  My response is whatever he will be comfortable in while still looking "wedding" appropriate.  Read on for some groom wedding attire tips...

Deciding on the groom's beach wedding attire can be a bit tricky. But with a beach wedding, the number of options available to the groom increase and therefore there's much more flexibility.  So what beach wedding attire can your groom wear? The best advice for the groom's beach wedding attire is to follow the bride. If you're going to be formal in a gown, then the groom should go formal too. If you’re relaxed, then he should be relaxed.

Here are some of the options:

Going formal
For more traditional weddings back home, the usual wedding attire for the men is a morning or lounge suit. When you’re having a beach wedding, this type of suit will be difficult to transport and they won’t be easy to hire at your destination. They’re also a little impractical as your poor husband-to-be will swelter in the heat!

On a more relaxed note, a good option for your groom's beach wedding attire is a less formal suit. A lightweight suit would be more practical in the heat and since it will be sunny, a light colour would go down well as well. A summer linen suit would be easy to transport and keep your groom cool. This would be suitable for the beach, overlooking the beach or a chapel.

A more casual look
For a really casual wedding, you simply could go for a casual shirt and trousers. This would be great on the beach and is certainly the cheapest route. A loose fitting linen or silk shirt and some loose trousers (or even cropped trousers) would look great.

Beware with silk shirts – if your groom gets hot, then silk will pick up the moisture and the shirt will stick to him! Not a good look!

Bright white is best for the beach and you’ll both look brilliant and stunning. Top it off with an exotic flower (matching your bouquet) for his buttonhole to add a bit of colour.

For shoes, opt for something that will keep your man cool. Perhaps sandals or even flip flops. Remember, the sand gets hot, so avoid bare feet!

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