How Would You Like To Design & Create Your Own Wedding Bands?

Imagine spending a day in a fine jewelry studio learning to make your own wedding rings. San Francisco Wedding Rings & New York Wedding Rings offer professional jewelry workshops that allow you to make meaningful custom wedding rings with your own hands while you enjoy the fun experience of being a goldsmith for a day. Create your own wedding rings in eco-gold, platinum, palladium, or mokume gane.

Join these professionals in their studios in San Francisco and NYC as they help you capture the romance and satisfaction of making your own wedding rings. Making jewelry is exciting and you will be delighted with the quality of your handmade wedding rings.

Experience the romance of creating your own wedding rings under the personal guidance of an experienced jewelry maker. Each class is tailored to the individual design of your pair of rings. This is a brief class outline of how to make traditional gold bands.
  • Alloy gold. This step is great if you love to play with fire.
  • Whack it on the anvil. You will enjoy gold's amazing malleability.
  • The rolling mill stretches the gold into ring stock.
  • Solder is melted into the joint to form a solid ring.
  • If you like shine, polishing is the most rewarding step!
  • Get married!
Visit them online at San Francisco Wedding Ring 
and in NYC... New York Wedding Ring
Happy Wedding Band Making!

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