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How far would you go to look your best on your wedding day?  In Fitness Magazines exclusive survey, 1,000 brides tell all...

  • Only 14% of brides-to-be say that they are currently at their IDEAL WEIGHT.
  • 1 in 5 woman would postpone her nuptials if she wasn't at her goal weight by her wedding date.
  • Body part we love... 46% of brides want a wedding dress to show off their cleavage
  • Body part we fear... 80% want a gown that conceals their belly.
  • Got... Back Fat?  32% of woman polled want "back camouflage" on their wedding day, while... 17% of woman want to show it off.
  • More than TWICE AS MANY WOMAN as men want to lose weight for their wedding (83% vs. 34%)
  • It's not all about the big day 88% think it's important to maintain their weight loss after the wedding.
  • He loves your body exactly as it is 63% of brides-to-be say their fiance wouldn't change a thing. But do you love his not so much. Only 47% of engaged woman say the same thing about their man.
  • 29% of woman will be thinking about sucking it in during their wedding photos, but 62% will be focused on how great they look.
  • 17% of woman considered their friends' weight when selecting a bridal party, only 5% say they actually encouraged their maids to shed pounds pre-ceremony.
  •  Top two tricks for losing weight 43% of you double your workout time while 41% go on a strict diet.
  • You're looking to lose... a lot 33% of brides-to-be want to shed 30 or more pounds for the big day. While he's looking to lose... a lot less 11% of grooms-to-be want to do the same.
  • What is most important on your wedding day?  That you feel... calm & relaxed 79% or thin & beautiful 21%.
Interesting to see the many ways brides-to-be are trying to achieve body nirvana on their wedding day.

Note:  I must say no matter what size or shape every bride I have planned for has always looked BEAUTIFUL!

Your wedding planner,

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