Puerto Rico Wedding Planner

I would like to introduce myself and share my experiences as a wedding planner.  My name is Lisa Rodriguez, I am 43 years young, I am the mother of a smart, articulate and gorgeous 11 year old daughter and wife to an amazing husband.  We live in a wonderful unique community in the town of Humacao in a resort area called Palmas del Mar in Puerto Rico.  Since relocating our primary residence to PR from NY, I yearned to continue my love of "event planning" and so PR Wedding Planner was born.  My experience is extensive in the "event planning" industry.  I have planned hundreds of weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and a like in the States and now here in PR.  I have decided to narrow my services and am now specializing in "eloping packages" for couples looking for something, unique, special and memorable.  I have to say that of all the weddings I have planned the most memorable one was my own destination wedding which was magical and perfect.  In researching for my wedding though I realized their is a lack of information and assistance available to couples looking for a different experience in planning the most important day of their lives.

The advantage of acquiring my services here in PR is that I am fluent in Spanish.  I know the island well.  I have extensive relationships with numerous vendors, hotels and out of the way places that most people know nothing about.  I can get all of you paperwork expedited and I have a keen sense in helping couples with decisions and management of orchestrating a perfect destination wedding. 

If you are looking for simple perfection in every aspect of the most special day of your lives... look no further.  I am here awaiting your email or phone call. 

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