Next Destination Wedding Site..."The Fort"

Now that Sarah & Gary are wed and well on their way to a happy marriage, I can begin to place the final touches on my next "elope" ceremony. This couple is from San Francisco, California.  Her name happens to be Sarah as well and they will be getting married on June 22.  Their ceremony will be held at the historical fort in Old San Juan named "El Castillo de San Cristobal".  I know it will be a very unique and beautiful ceremony, how could it not with such a dramatic backdrop as your site. The fort is a historical monument and is located smack in the middle of Old San Juan. The Fort offers a variety of beautiful areas to hold the ceremony and I picked a spot that overlooks both the ocean and the city, with little access to anyone other than the Bride & Groom, the officiant and myself. How awesome to exchange your vows at a historical site overlooking the gorgeous Caribbean and one of the most romantic cities in the world Old San Juan and to have it basically all to yourself! 

May this wedding go off without a hitch and may the weather turn out to be as magical as Sarah & Gary's day...I should sign off now and immediately place my order for the rainbow ;)

Hasta la proxima! (Until next time!)

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