Most asked question... Where in PR should we get married?

As a wedding planner I'm often asked  "Where is the best site to marry in Puerto Rico?". It's so wonderful to be able to answer "Where isn't!".  The choices are endless!  Puerto Rico is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to destination weddings and the choices are as varied as a 5 star resort to a quiet wedding on a stretch of white sandy beach... and that's where my expertise comes in.  I know the island well, I have made numerous contacts throughout the island.  I have vendors and site options from the northeast coast to the southwest coast and everywhere in between. 

Having all of these choices is truly a blessing for me as a wedding planner but can be a total nightmare for couples figuring out "where, what and when!".  That's where my professional experience comes in.  As a wedding planner I always ask first "What is your dream for your destination wedding?" That is a very important question for me because that is my ultimate goal... to fulfill your dream. I have heard of wedding planners (and they shall remain nameless) that work around what's convenient for them.  What's easiest for them.  What's closest to them. It's a "bam, wham, thank you mam" affair and that is certainly not my style! I feel that I would be a total failure in the wedding planning business if that was my attitude. This wedding experience is all about you and your significant other... it's your day!  And so if the destination site that attracts you the most is on the other side of the island 3 hours away... well that's where I'll go to make your dreams come true.

Contact me... let's get started fulfilling your dream destination wedding. It's just an email or phone call away!  

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