Marry in San Juan - Honeymoon in Culebra

I have a suggestion for all couples considering having a destination wedding here in Puerto Rico. Imagine exchanging your vows on this enchanted island and following it up with a honeymoon on an island with a beach (Flamenco Beach) ranked #2 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I am talking about an island that belongs to Puerto Rico called Culebra (snake in Spanish). It takes a $2.25 fare per person (you can also get there by small plane from San Juan for $40.00 p/p) and 1hr 45min ferry ride to arrive at one of the most beautiful, romantic and relaxing spots in the world. Here is a website full of information on everything you will need to make your honeymoon the most memorable experience of your lifetime!

Enchanted Isle - Culebra

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Cat said...

We actually had part of our honeymoon in PR...we always say we should have done the ENTIRE honeymoon there since we loved it so much.

Lisa Rodriguez said...

It's never too late Cat...renew your vows and have a second! or just come as a family and enjoy the magic of PR.