Choosing The Perfect Destination Wedding Dress

One of the most difficult decisions on your wedding day is choosing the right wedding dress, especially when you are having a destination wedding.  How do you decide... formal, informal, bohemian, chic the choices are endless.  When you're having a destination wedding you also have to keep in mind how to get the dress to your destination safely (see archive entry "Tips on traveling with your wedding dress").

I have witnessed brides dressed in many different styles and what seems to work best is comfort, simplicity and timeless style. Comfort is so important so make sure to keep in mind the weather conditions you will be in while exchanging your vows. You want to be comfortable in your dress and you certainly don't want it pulling, itching and making you melt in the sun. If your destination is Puerto Rico the weather can be warm and humid add in those uncomfortable factors mentioned and you won't be enjoying the moment, you will be dying for it to be over and that's no way to feel on one of the most important days of your life. So that being said, choose fabrics that are light and airy like organza and silk. Also, pick a dress that is a classic style. A bride that looks timeless will look at her wedding pictures 10 years from now and say "I still love my wedding dress." It would be a shame to look at your pictures and regret your choice.

I also advise my brides to choose shoes that are beach appropriate. You don't want to have on a pair of $300 dollar designer heels that are going to be impossible to walk in on the sand and probably get completely ruined on the beach. Thank goodness bridal accessory companies are realizing the need for "beach appropriate" footware and they are making great footwear for beach weddings. "Bedazzled" flip flops, feet jewelry and simple comfy sandals are amongst so many choices that can suit your style and budget.

Finally, I always advise my brides to shop around, look at magazines and online wedding sources for ideas and keep in mind these 3 simple suggestions - simplicity, comfort, classic and you can't go wrong.

The websites below are a great source to help you get ideas for your wedding day attire... buena suelte (good luck).

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